Restaurant and Food Truck Sign Up

Ballston's largest event of the year is also the biggest giving opportunity thanks to ticket purchases and sponsorships made payable to BallstonGives, the charitable subsidiary of the Ballston Business Improvement District.  What has grown to be an expansive food+beer+wine+kids+dog festival showcasing the diversity of Arlington’s food scene and attracting over 50,000 food lovers from all over the region is continuing to grow with the addition of food trucks to the mix.

The exciting and highly anticipated annual festival transforms Wilson Boulevard and neighboring streets into a vibrant and family-fun festival for all ages. More than 40 of Arlington’s favorite eating establishments and most exciting chefs will serve up their specialties at this year’s festival! We would be extremely pleased if your restaurant or food truck would support this event and community through participation.


Restaurants and food trucks will pay a fee to participate in Taste of Arlington of $500/10'x10' space and you will collect payment directly from attendees for tastes ranging from $1-$5.  You will not collect tickets this year.  You will have the opportunity to rent equipment and credit card swipes from the Ballston BID to assist you, if desired.  

Note that food truck participation is subject to approval as space is limited.

2017 Restaurant & Food Truck Contract

If you have any questions please contact Samantha Baker at or 703-664-1194.