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Ballston Rebrands Itself As an Innovation Center With the LaunchPad Challenge

With innovation on the tips of everyone's tongues in the D.C. region, Ballston may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of our recent technology revolution. But in a way, it's a hidden gem, often overlooked by the greater Arlington area and the attention-grabbing Washington.

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Ask A Founder: Changecause's Zack Liscio and Edward Ridgely

It's all about simplifying, promoting and maximizing giving. Formerly working together at LivingSocial, two of Changecause's four co-founders, Zack Liscio and Edward Ridgely, joined Patrick Costello and Michael Seid with the idea that millennial demographic was not being reached for philanthropic causes.

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Ballston’s Changecause Connecting Brands and Charities

When Zack Liscio, the CEO and co-founder of Changecause, moved from his job at Google in July to work in Arlington full-time and help his startup get off the ground, his friends and coworkers in Silicon Valley were confused.

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WBJ: The Back Page

Earlier, the Ballston Business Improvement District treated existing and hopeful entrepreneurs to lunch Aug. 20 during its Shark Tank Tuesday lunch session at the Ballston LaunchPad. Entrepreneur and Marymount University professor Charlie Sibbald moderated the viewing and post-debrief of an episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

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The Kayak of Car Buying

Car buying for most people is right up there with root canals and cross-country flights with a toddler. So Khurrum Shakir (left, with operations and sales director Phil Howard) set out to make it easier by creating a car buying site modeled after Kayak.

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Good News for Small Donor Lovers

Nonprofits will have yet another way to introduce themselves to the public and bring in small donations. Changecause co-founders Patrick Costello, Zack Liscio, Edward Ridgely, Mark Pierotti, and Michael Seid introduced a new platform that lets people give small amounts of money ($1 to $5) to a cause of their choice and then a corporate donor will match their contribution through the site.

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Everyone Can Now Donate

Making a charitable donation may seem like it's only for the Bill Gates kind of wealthy. But Changecause co-founders Patrick Costello, Zack Liscio, Edward Ridgely, Mark Pierotti, and Michael Seid are making it a little less daunting.

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Ballston BID Optimistic Despite Challenges

The Ballston Business Improvement District held its second annual meeting last Wednesday to discuss Ballston and its future, which looks more uncertain than a year ago when the BID was created.

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Sen. Warner: Alexandria forced GSA's hand on NSF relocation from Ballston

An Alexandria developer forced the General Services Administration to expand its search for a new headquarters for the National Science Foundation by submitting an unsolicited bid after the commonwealth's congressional delegation lobbied the GSA to keep the research agency in Ballston instead, according to Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.

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Ballston BID LaunchPad Semi-Finalists Announced

The Ballston Bid announced the semi-finalists chosen for their Ballston LaunchPad Challenge.

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