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Ovechkin, Pontius, Wall to be Featured as Augmented Reality Statues

The Ballston Business Improvement District will unveil the statues next month at the annual Taste of Arlington.

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Photos: Ovechkin’s ‘Virtual Statue’ Shoot

Attendees at the upcoming Taste of Arlington festival will be able to get cozy with Ovie.

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“Virtual Statues” to Highlight New Ballston BID App

The Ballston Business Improvement District (BID) will be showing off some “virtual statues” of local sports figures at Taste of Arlington to highlight the upcoming launch of its new mobile device app.

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Alex Ovechkin poses for Ballston BID

The Ballston BID is unveiling a virtual gallery of local heroes using “digital statues” created via Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile apps.

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Digital ‘statues’ of Alex Ovechkin and John Wall coming to Ballston

It’s unclear exactly when D.C. sports fans will enjoy one of those parade thingees we’re always hearing about. But the statues are already on the way.

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Ballston BID to erect statues of D.C. sports superstars, including Alex Ovechkin and John Wall

The Ballston Business Improvement District plans to erect statues honoring some of D.C.'s brightest sports sensations, including the Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin and Washington Wizards' John Wall, but with a technological tweak that will keep the figures from attracting bird droppings or graffiti.

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Ballston BID Is Launching the Future

In a bygone era, the old adage “good fences make good neighbors” might have been true — but not in today’s Northern Virginia, and definitely not in Ballston.

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Ballston BID ‘Very Excited’ About Ballston Common Mall Redevelopment

A long-awaited renovation project is inching closer to reality for Ballston Common Mall.

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Quest for Ted Leonsis's cash now on

The Ballston Business Improvement District has begun the application process for its Ballston LaunchPad Challenge for entrepreneurs, which awards the top three companies a pitch meeting in front of tech investor and Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis.

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Ballston LaunchPad Accepting Applications for the Next Big Idea

Three finalists will get to pitch their ideas to Ted Leonsis, a nationally renowned investor and entrepreneur.

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