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Interactive 'Eye' Art Installation Launches in Ballston

The eyes have it. A new art installation featuring interactive LED-lit eyes launched today at the final Ballston Farmers Market of the season. 



Ballston Mall Redevelopment

Tina Leone runs out of breath as she lists all the changes that have recenlty swept Ballston, along with others that are still to come. 

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Exciting Changes Will Give Ballston a Fresh Look

If you haven't visited Ballston in a while, you'd be surprised by the amount of change that's occurred in the last few years.

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The Cloud Arises at Welburn Square

The Cloud is a constellation containing 50 cloudlets that emit light and sound. Ballston BID partnered with the Virginia Tech Research Center to create the public display. 

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'Oktoberfest' Market Coming to Ballston Tomorrow

The last Ballston "mega market" of the year will be Oktoberfest-themed, with a beer and wine garden, live music and a new public art installation. 

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Paradise Found?

Cara Ober interviews Patrick McDonough about his newest public art project, titled BEACHFRONT POTENTIAL. 

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SER Will Service Spanish Food, But Not Tapas

SER was the ultimate winner of the recent Ballston restaurant competition which awarded free rent and other incentives for a restaurant headed to 1110 N. Glebe Road in Ballston. 

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Sound and Vision

Alex Braden has a colorful secret: He sometimes sneaks into wife Amy's studio and corrects some of her drawings. Most artists would scream to the heavens about the violation, but Amy is nonplussed. 

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Parkmobile Now Available in Clarendon, Ballston

Arlington has accelerated its Parkmobile rollout, installing the smartphone app service in Clarendon, Ballston and Virginia Square over the weekend. 

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Ballston Restaurant Challenge Winner Plans Winter Opening

Christiana Campos, the new restaurateur who won the Ballston Business Improvement District's Restaurant Challenge this year, plans to open her new restaurant this winter. 

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