Ballston Magnet Archive


December 2013

Featuring: Two Winners Emerge from Ballston BID LaunchPad Challenge, New Ballston Placemaking Plan, The Ballston Restaurant Challenge and Holiday Cheer on Tap


November 2013 Edition II

Featuring: Register for the Ballston LaunchPad Challenge Finale, Healwell, LaunchPad Challenge Semifinalists Highlighted: History Spoken and Volunteers Needed for LaunchPad Finale


November 2013 Edition I

Featuring: Cast Your Vote To Send Your Favorite LaunchPad Challenge Contestant to the Finale, The View at Liberty Center, LaunchPad Challenge Semifinalists Highlighted: TidWiT and Arlington's Got Talent


October 2013 Edition III

Featuring: Ballston Launchpad Challenge Finale, Virginia Heritage Bank comes to Ballston, LaunchPad Challenge Semifinalists Highlighted: TransitScreen and the last LaunchPad Brain Fuel


October 2013 Edition II

Featuring: Ballston Launchpad Brain Fuel: Legal & Intellectual Property, Go 'Over the Edge', Ballston LaunchPad Semifinalist Highlighted: FundUcation and Bowen McCauley Dance performance


October 2013 Edition I

Featuring: Ballston Oktoberfest Mega Market, Call for Public Displays of Innovations, Ballston LaunchPad Semifinalist Highlighted: M2 Labs & Arlingtong Fun Ride


September 2013 Edition II

Featuring: #YP2BL Speaker Series, Unleased by Petco comes to Ballston, LaunchPad Challenge Semifinalists Highlighted: iGrabber Autos and LaunchPad Brain Fuel Session focusing on financials


September 2013 Edition I

Featuring: Wine Tasting at the Ballston Mega Market, Bocce Court Grand Opening, LaunchPad Challenge Semifinalists Highlighted: Changecause and Brain Fuel Session focusing on Marketing for Startups


August 2013 Edition II

Featuring: Ballston LaunchPad Brain Fuel: Pitching, Welburn Square, Ballston LaunchPad Semifinalist Highlight: LinkedSim and DC Social Sports Leagues


August 2013 Edition I

Featuring: Shark Tank Tuesday With a Twist, Mussel Bar Opens New Restaurant in Ballston, Ballston LaunchPad Semifinalist Highlight: Impact Hub and LaunchPad Brain Fuel #5