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Top 14 Semi-Finalists



BuilDatAnalytics is a business analytics and information management company for the construction industry.  Using our proprietary software solution, CTBIM, a SaaS cloud based platform, we customize a construction database for each project that provides information to and gathers information from construction field crews in real-time.  BuilDatAnalytics empowers owners, construction managers and general contractors to create their own analytics from recorded field activities to better understand current realities and predict future states.

Founder- Tiffany Hosey Brown



The Simplest Way to Search for an Automobile!

Car Square is revolutionizing the online vehicle search process, by displaying millions of new, used and leased vehicle listings from multiple auto sites side-by-side in ONE place.  We eliminate the headache of searching multiple auto sites for the same vehicle over and over again. 

“Search One Search All”

Khurrum Shakir: Founder and President
Abdul-Malik: Chief UI Designer
Hassan Al Harethi: Chief Architect
Ronald Fraser: Chief Engineer
Phil Howard: VP Business Development and Operations
Steve Malley: Director of Sales
Mikah Sellers: Chief Marketing Officer & interim CTO



Changecause recreates cause marketing as a win-win-win service. Changecause aligns brands with causes that their customers care about and tells the story of everyone's impact. They match an individual's nonprofit, charitable donations with corporate sponsors, and then use social media to broadcast that connection and reach the friends of the initial donor. The result is effective, targeted branding on the part of the corporation (win), more money for the cause (win) and recognition for the donor (win), who can further promote the cause and is matched to corporate sponsors that share a common interest in his cause. The transaction between both parties creates a greater impact than if the donor had made a direct contribution to the cause.

Chief Executive Office & Co-Founder - Zack Liscio
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder- Edward Ridgely
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder - Patrick Costello
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder - Michael Seid
Principal Software Engineer - Mark Pierotti



E-Mow will transform how we think about our lawn by bringing benefits of biomass energy to the consumer level. Their self-fueling mower robot is like a Roomba for your lawn, but better.  It cuts your lawn and processes the grass into dried fuel pellets that can be used to heat your home or generate power.  The monetized fuel value plus labor savings will pay for the price of the mower in one season for many consumers. The platform is eco-friendly, with a carbon dioxide offset of up to 45 tons per year, and with a fuel source more renewable than wood. Not only is this a source of clean energy, but it generates income and it’s easy to use. 

The core technology of robotic biomass-powered biomass harvesters is also applicable to other biomass sources. Wild field grass and wild algae are excellent examples of untapped energy sources that can be harnessed for power, with enough capacity to satisfy planetary energy needs. Self-contained robotic harvesters are the primary enabling technology for business models using wild biomass sources.

Founder- Jason Force



Americans now owe more than $875 BILLION on students loans- and the number escalates by $2,854/second! FundUcation is pioneering the way students can pay off their college loans- one gig at a time- by connecting students with employers for short term projects while still in school. FundUcation will provide a gateway for students and employers to join forces by collecting tasks from the community and corporate partners and then allowing students to search for and perform those tasks based on their specific skillset, major, or hobby - at no cost to the student. After the student performs the work, FundUcation makes a direct payment into the student's loan accounts - helping to pay off those massive student loans before graduation.

Co-Founder - Fabio Ayala
Co-Founder - Chris Zhao


History Spoken

History Spoken will create a new global library of oral history to preserve and share the invaluable first-hand accounts of our history before they vanish unheard. History Spoken will provide a user-friendly, map-based platform for people to easily view and enjoy captivating oral history media from around the world relating to time, places and events. The library will aggregate existing collections of oral history media, as well as offering viewers the encouragement and tools to create more records of this kind. History Spoken will become an invaluable resource to teachers and researchers, provide applied social science projects for students, and be cherished by older adults and retiree associations. 

Founder - Nick Vilelle
Advisers - Raj Ratwani, Luke Vilelle


Impact Hub

Impact Hub accelerates new opportunities for internet-based work to disadvantaged communities by helping businesses find the right, high-quality service provider while delivering social impact. Nearly 80 percent of humanity lives on less than $10 a day and 1.8 billion people can't get a formal job. Dignified employment is what individuals, their families, and their communities need to thrive. There is plenty of digital work that needs to be done: entering data, online research, tagging videos, curating content and so on. Impact Hub joins businesses with certified providers- resulting in high quality outsourcing with a lower cost structure for the business while bringing this valuable work to economically depressed areas around the world.

Founders- Dave Haft, Kenan Warner


M2 Labs

Imagine you are a small/mid-size local business, working hard to grow in this tough economy. Now imagine not having any control over your 3rd biggest cost – credit/debit transaction fees. Card transaction cost eats into profits, by as much as 25% of profits.

What if there was an option? A payment network that’s on your side. One that provides you and your customers the convenience of an electronic transaction, and saves you on transaction fees. A system that empowers you, the merchant, with tools to promote your business and reward your customers. This is what M2 Labs is focused on. M2 Labs is working to build a mobile payment network using the power of the smart device and internet.

M2 Labs (M2) is working on a new mobile payment network. One which will save merchants money and rewards consumers for paying with M2.

No one ever moved forward by hanging onto the past. Join me in taking a step towards building the payment network for the future. Make a difference to the merchants, consumers and local economy. Your fortune and economic future can go hand in hand.

Founder & CEO- Upen Patel



MeshWork is a professional training app that helps you build and maintain your network. It works by encouraging you to stay on track, guiding you with evolving best practices and enabling you to reach the goals you’ve set. Whether it’s finding your first job, getting a better job, transitioning to a new career, or simply bolstering your current one, Meshwork is there to pave the way for you to walk.

 MeshWork is connecting people to the future they envision for themselves.

Founders- Chris Getner, Michael Turri



MyPsych will disrupt the traditional way we interact with our therapists by providing real-time monitoring and analysis tools that streamline patient-counselor communication, enabling therapy to be more effective efficient accessible. The MyPsych System encourages users to increase emotional awareness, create positive goals for improvement, and track progress. With the smartphone application, patients use numbers, text, and video to journal their daily feelings and communicate their emotional states and behaviors to their therapists. With the website, therapists access their patients' data and use this information and analysis tools to provide more effective treatment while retaining and protecting vital patient information.

Founders- David Conway, Brandon Cohn


Rethink Legal Services

Rethink Legal Services will revolutionize the way legal services are rendered by capturing legal expertise in a way that allow users to easily navigate complex regulatory systems on a shared-cost basis. The first product to market is SK402™ - an application for public companies under the regulatory oversight of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that are required to disclose information about compensation in accordance with Regulation S-K, Item 402. These companies will be relieved of the burden of mastering the intricacies of the rules and engaging in an annual re-learning process all while experiencing a significant cost savings.

Founder/Chief Knowledge Officer - Donald Meiers



TidWiT is changing the world by providing a new highway to providing education and empowering organizations with Social Learning so that they can educate, train, and engage their global communities in a more effective and collaborative manner. By eliminating the need to buy, install, and maintain any hardware or software, TidWiT's cloud-based Social Learning platform can be deployed and customized by organizations instantly and affordably- all over the world.

Founder/CEO- Wissam "Will" Yafi
CTO- Anthony Moakle
Platform Product Manager- Weimar Alvarez
Chief Designer- Alejandro Cadavid
Customer Service Chief- Samer Yafi


Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand

Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand is a crusade to inspire, engage and empower mini-preneurs ages 6-11 to solve the need for innovation in our future generations. With the increased focus on standardized testing in the public school systems, children have very little exposure to imagination and creativity in their core curriculum. TLS gives kids in the 2nd-5th grades the ability to take initiative, develop original ideas, and mobilize others around common solvable problems by participating in organized clubs and an online platform. This community of "mini-preneurs" creates their own solutions and works together to set out to create businesses and achieve their business goals- giving them the start of their entrepreneurial, lifelong journey.

Co-Founder/CEO - Amanda Antico - Majkowski
Co-Founder - Kylee Majkowski



TransitScreen is changing the way people make decisions about their transportation choices. Businesses, as well as residential and commercial building owners, want it to be easy for customers and tenants to travel to, especially without driving -- or parking. The public wants real-time public transit information to be easily accessible, not hidden inside five mobile apps. TransitScreen meet the needs of both by providing accurate, live information about all types of transit arrivals – metro, bus, bikes, etc.- to any space or place near public transit.

Founder/CEO- Matt Caywood
VP Business Development- Ryan Croft


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