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Ballston Buzz Blog

Ballston: Home of the Caps


You probably know that Ballston offers a ton of options for fun, fitness and entertainment, including a cinema plex, 9+ gyms, 10 parks, and 60 restaurants all within a 5-block radius!  Our most unique amenity however, is that we are the home to Washington Capitals professional hockey team!

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Ballston: Where Lovers Meet


Are you lovesick or just plain sick of love? Looking for a romantic evening with a special someone or night with friends to celebrate being single? Either way, Ballston’s top restaurants and bars have you covered with a variety of events to satisfy all your Valentine's’ Day needs.

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Ballston: A Vibrant Community with a Unique History


The Ballston Business Improvement District (BID) in Arlington, Virginia is a collection of commercial and residential properties in a 25-block neighborhood.Take a look into how this vibrant community came to what we know it as today.

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Ballston: A Neighborhood in Transformation


Over the past 30 years, Ballston has transformed from a quiet suburb to a vibrant urban community. And it continues to grow in new and exciting ways every year.

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