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Ballston Buzz Blog

Connected: Tech Tools Around the Ballston Community


Ballston has long been the home to life-changing discoveries such the first satellite, the Internet, the MRI, and the bar code. Our community is home to 8 universities as well as leading edge scientific and research organizations such as DARPA, the Office of Naval Research, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. We were innovative before it became popular. At the Ballston BID, our goal is to promote and reflect that collective, creative brain power through our programs, partnerships, and collaborations as we grow, strengthen and connect our community.

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Ballston: Home of the Caps


You probably know that Ballston offers a ton of options for fun, fitness and entertainment, including a cinema plex, 9+ gyms, 10 parks, and 60 restaurants all within a 5-block radius!  Our most unique amenity however, is that we are the home to Washington Capitals professional hockey team!

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Ballston: Where Lovers Meet


Are you lovesick or just plain sick of love? Looking for a romantic evening with a special someone or night with friends to celebrate being single? Either way, Ballston’s top restaurants and bars have you covered with a variety of events to satisfy all your Valentine's’ Day needs.

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Ballston: A Vibrant Community with a Unique History


The Ballston Business Improvement District (BID) in Arlington, Virginia is a collection of commercial and residential properties in a 25-block neighborhood.Take a look into how this vibrant community came to what we know it as today.

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Ballston: A Neighborhood in Transformation


Over the past 30 years, Ballston has transformed from a quiet suburb to a vibrant urban community. And it continues to grow in new and exciting ways every year.

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