Spotlight on Arlington Nonprofits: Helping Our Community THRIVE


Mr. Adams, a 74-year-old Ballston resident, was grieving. He had suffered the loss of a close family member. The expenses associated with the end of life care and the funeral of his relative had left him unable to pay his bills. His health was failing. Diabetes and a chronic heart condition had left him dependent on an oxygen tank, and he was no longer able to pay for his necessary prescriptions. Amidst these problems, Mr. Adams had begun to fall behind in his rent and was facing eviction from his home of 15 years.

Too many of our neighbors have stories identical to Mr. Adams’. Arlington Thrive is here to help. Thrive is a local nonprofit dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable members of our community. Established in 1975, this organization provides same-day emergency funds for the working poor, elderly and disabled people on a fixed income, homeless and formerly homeless individuals who need a “safety net.” Families with children are given the highest priority and any county resident is eligible for assistance when referred by a social worker. All their clients are considered low-income, with 80% making less than $20,000 per year.

Thrive identifies those most at-risk through partnerships with the Arlington County Department of Human Services and other safety-net nonprofits These partners turn to Thrive when their clients need help tackling the roadblocks standing in the way of their future stability – whether it’s money for the rent, prescription medication or bus fare to their jobs or the hospital.

Mr. Adams became a client of Thrive in May. Their partner, Arlington County DHS, helped him obtain a housing grant and apply for Virginia Medicaid. Medicaid provided the additional insurance coverage to provide Mr. Adams with his necessary medication. Thrive ensured Mr. Adams would remain in a safe living environment by helping him pay his rent. This simple act had an amazing impact. Mr. Adams was able to regroup his losses from the previous months and get back on his feet. Mr. Adams could continue living his life.

Last year across all programs Thrive provided $757, 560 in emergency financial assistance to 1,351 households, 450 of these households were based in Ballston. As a result, these households were able to maintain their housing, their independence, and their ability to contribute to the community.

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