Connected: Tech Tools Around the Ballston Community

Ballston has long been the home to life-changing discoveries such the first satellite, the Internet, the MRI, and the bar code. Our community is home to 8 universities as well as leading edge scientific and research organizations such as DARPA, the Office of Naval Research, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. We were innovative before it became popular. At the Ballston BID, our goal is to promote and reflect that collective, creative brain power through our programs, partnerships, and collaborations as we grow, strengthen and connect our community.

Since our creation in 2011, we have unveiled a number of pioneering projects including our first-of-its-kind interactive directory Ballston 360, our best-of-its-kind mobile app, BallstonConnect and our award-winning location-aware music and historic walking tours.

BallstonConnect Mobile App

Our mobile app BallstonConnect debuted in 2014 and has become the go-to source for finding the latest goings on around Ballston. The app helps you find out where your favorite food truck is parked, the parking spot nearest to your destination, restaurant happy hour specials and so much more. Download BallstonConnect on your Apple or Android device to stay up to date with events, take our polls, read up on Ballston news and participate in our exciting contests.

Audio Tours

The app also comes in handy to find two of our innovative art installations: a unique audio tour and amusical composition tour around the neighborhood.Both of these will make the experience of walking around Ballston like something it’s never been before

Walking Tour: We partnered with Quantum Tours Americana to create eight fun tours that tell a story from Ballston’s history or imagined future. The tours feature interviews with local experts and recordings from the Arlington Historical Society to transport listeners to another world. These stories bring new perspectives to Ballston, as lush sound effects and music recreate what it was like to stroll through the early days of the American settlers or the bustling streets of the far future. Specific listening stations are located at Nature Conservancy, Fairfax/Taylor, Fairfax/Stafford, Fairfax/Stuart, Wilson/Glebe, Welburn Square, Glebe/9th (Bob Peck Monument Plaza), and Ellipse Park at NRECA. 

Music Tour: WA + FC (Ballston) is a musical composition that will make the experience of walking around Ballston like something it’s never been before. Participants will be able to download the composition in the form as an iPhone app, hook up their headphones and listen to the music as they walk around Ballston. As listeners walk, the music will from location to location, depending on their route, blending into a seamless, original experience that is determined by the path they take. As the walking route changes, so does the experience of the music.



Earlier this year, we unveiled the ground-breaking tool, Ballston360. This interactive directory and mapping tool allows users to experience Ballston like never before through high-end visualization. Ballston360 highlights all aspects of Ballston from the iconic real estate developed here, to the people who work here, to the events occurring here, to the variety of amenities we have to offer. We can apply our story to this canvas and be dynamic about how we do it- it will evolve as Ballston evolves. 

For Ballston’s commercial property owners, Ballston360 is a tool to enhance the desirability of their properties within the commercial real estate industry. It allows prospective tenants to view the virtual streets of Ballston, inside buildings, showcases amenities and existing tenants as well as experience the vision for future development projects. It also provides the industry with a powerful presentation tool with a way to depict compelling data analytics in support of tenant attraction. 

We can now connect people with our place, allowing them to have an immersive experience with Ballston at the street level, down the halls of the office space, attending an event, or get a feel of the atmosphere of a restaurant.

BLinked: Free Ballston Wi-Fi

Our latest, leading-edge program is the addition of fast, seamless outdoor Wi-Fi throughout our entire business district. Those living, working and visiting Ballston will now be able to access the Internet from everywhere outdoors in our neighborhood – for FREE. This means you can make working outside on a beautiful summer day a reality while you give your data plan a break! We are the first neighborhood in the Washington DC region to provide this incredible amenity. This fantastic amenity will be available starting April 3rd to the public. 

And there’s more to come. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out inventive, exciting new programs that keep Ballston as a leading-edge city of innovation!