Art Projects

The Ballston BID invites you to experience an original series of technology-based art installations that will enlived Ballston's public spaces.

Help build an interactive cloud that will occupy Welburn Square. Take a time-travel audio tour of Ballston, or don your earphones and listen to a special musical composition that organizes itself uniquely for each walking route through Ballston. Hop into a beach chair and contemplate the impact of climate change on Ballston; interact with a grove of LED eyes that knows what you're thinking; or re-imagine an ordinary skybridge as a high-tech neural connection.

Make your plans now to experience all these projects and more. Some will be on view for only a few hours or days; others will live in the public realm for several years.

Together, these projects celebrate Ballston’s stature as a place for research and creativity, while using various modes of technology and emerging media to encourage connectivity and contemplation among people who live, work and visit Ballston. They are a part of the BID’s comprehensive placemaking effort, a long-term initiative to develop and evolve Ballston’s creative streetscape.

Special thanks to:

Our membership for support of the Public Displays of Innovation Exhibition, in particular Monument Realty, Piedmont Real Estate, Gates Hudson & Associates, Dweck Properties and the Nature Conservancy.

The Hilton Arlington & The Residence Inn by Marriott® Arlington Ballston, hotel sponsor of Public Displays of Innovation.

Arlington County Public Art Program for its support and for featuring Public Displays of Innovation as part of its 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Artisphere for featuring these projects in an exhibition, and Arlington County Economic Development, Arlington County Department of Environmental Services, and the Arlington County Public Art Committee for their support of and assistance.

Todd W. Bressi, who organized all the Public Displays of Innovation on behalf of the Ballston BID

August 2014 - Missed Connections, Beachfront Potential
September 2014 - Quantum Tours Americana, Site: WA + FC (Ballston)
October 2014 - Cloud, Urban Oasis, Forest of Knowledge
November 2014 - Axon Xylophone Bridge, Public Displays of Innovation Exhibition at Artisphere
2017 - Intersections

STILL ACTIVE (as of Summer 2016):
Axon Xylophone Bridge, Quantum Tours Americana, Site: WA + FC (Ballston)